Uber teams up with the All Blacks to promote free rides for Sam

With Sam being the most common unisex name among Uber riders and New Zealand in general, Uber has partnered with All Blacks Sam Cane and Sam Whitelock to promote free rides for all those who share the name.

A video has been shared of the two ‘Sambassadors’ riding in the back of an Uber sharing food before it goes on to promote an offer for any registered Uber riders with a name that starts with ‘Sam’ to receive a free ride up to $20 every day of the week starting 3 July.

There’s also a video on Uber’s Facebook page that lists a number of names that start with ‘Sam’ to further reiterate the deal. They include Samantha, Samson, Samira, Samten, Samyam and Saminder. 

And for those who aren’t called Sam but are new to Uber, they can ask a Sam for a free ride too. With Samuel being the 20th most popular name in New Zealand and holding a spot in the top 10 names from 1984 to 2013, Uber’s confident everyone has a mate called Sam.

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