TVNZ to NZ Herald: “Good on ya’, mates”

The geeks inherited the Earth (well, the StopPress comment wall) after the nzherald.co.nz announced a “strategic change in direction by moving away from page impressions as a predominant measure of a site’s success and towards metrics that provide greater transparency to advertisers”. The comments flowed, the debate raged and the acronyms came thick and fast. A few doubts were raised about the motivations behind the site’s new approach to measurement, but the Herald also had plenty of friends, including a few in high places, like the national broadcaster.

As online advertising continues to accelerate, advertisers and agencies need to be confident they are maximising the return on their advertising investments. There is, therefore, an increasing need for clarity and consistency in the metrics being taken to market.

Since the 2009 revised Page Impression standard was announced, TVNZ has been concerned the increasing gap between reported page impressions and actual advertising impressions could confuse advertisers about competitive site performance.

It has effectively resulted in the creation of two different types of page impressions: one that reflects ad impressions and one that does not. However, these two types are not distinguished in the information reported to market under the current standard.

The practice of using in-page interactions to register additional page impressions without providing additional ad impressions is not an approach that TVNZ has pursued.

“We therefore welcome the opening of a debate about the current Page Impression standard”, said Sharon Daly, general manager research and insights at TVNZ. “We hope it leads to a resolution that ensures advertisers and their agencies receive the best possible information on which to base decisions”.

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