TVNZ move to include Māori Party in debate

TVNZ has made the move to broaden its Multi Party criteria following concerns that the current one does not consider all parties.

Specifically the Māori Party, the group has requested to be included in the programming around the debates, raising concerns that the current structure does not adequately consider parties who are only contending Māori electorate seats.

TVNZ has released in a statement that to address this imbalance, the Multi Party criteria will be broadened to acknowledge viable contenders for electoral seats.

The Multi-party Debate criteria for inclusion is as follows:   

  1. The leaders of registered parties currently represented in Parliament.    
  2. The leaders of registered parties not represented in Parliament that score 3 percent in at least one 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll in the six months prior to the debate.   
  3. The leaders of registered parties where the leader has been an MP, or party has been represented, in either/both of the past two Parliaments.

Parties that currently qualify under the criteria and who are invited to 1 NEWS’ Multi Party debate are Labour, National, NZ First, The Green Party, Act, Advance New Zealand and the Māori Party.   

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