TVCs of the week: 9 September

Who it’s for: Hallenstein Brothers by Lachlan McPherson & Friends, Joel Kefali, Nik Beachman (Thick as Thieves)

Why we like it: Hallenstein Brothers dresses Carey Hart in a suit and unleashes him on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in a beautifully shot ad that takes full advantage of the arid landscape and the incongruous placement of formal attire. It’s the type of spot that makes you want to buy a suit, and perhaps a motorcycle as well.    

Who it’s for: ASB by Saatchi & Saatchi NZ and Goodoil

Why we like it: in its first major campaign since Brian Blessed picked up plaudits for all the wrong reasons, ASB has launched a new spot that features a pair of parents in fancy dress bickering about how much to pay the babysitter. The conversation oscillates between the absurd and the practical, offering a few laughs along the way, while simultaneously illustrating the utility of ASB’s online offering. And thankfully for all those involved, there are no awkward instances of a hirsute gentleman entering the home of an unsuspecting Kiwi couple to offer them a ginger nut.              

Who it’s for: Noel Leeming by FCB and Finch 

Why we like it: Noel Leeming takes a fresh approach to retail advertising with a trio of spots that reposition its brand, while simultaneously imploring viewers to purchase a ‘mummy daddy time-maker’, ‘55-inch family glue’ or ‘the blender of destinies’. The combination of punchy writing by FCB with the flawless delivery by actor Gareth Reeves ensure that each irreverent spot keeps the attention of the viewer throughout.          

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