TVCs of the week: 7 October

Who it’s for: The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation by Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish

Why we like it: the problem with relying solely on language to describe symptoms is that words are often open to interpretation. For instance, the word ‘lumpy’ could take on a variety of different manifestations depending on who is listening. And in an increasingly diverse New Zealand society, this problem only becomes more pronounced. So, in an effort to overcome this problem, the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation launched an ad that subverts norms in terms of where nipples are allowed to appear and also relays an important message on the symptoms women should be aware of.           

Who it’s for: Auckland Council by Ogilvy & Mather and Cirkus

Why we like it: In one of its last campaigns for the Auckland Council, Ogilvy & Mather took a few tips from Pixar to develop a 3D animated online film that features anthropomorphic characters teaching Aucklanders about recycling. And with names like Tin Can and Plastic, the lead characters potentially also have an on-screen future playing gang members in prison dramas. 

Who it’s for: Icebreaker

​Why we like it: Icebreaker commissioned Simon Beck to share his artistic talents in this spot that showcases how much beauty can be created with a few well-placed steps. And while the spot wasn’t created by a local agency, it’s still great to see a Kiwi brand embracing such a creative approach in its advertising.     

Who’s it for: Hell Pizza

Why we like it: In keeping with its irreverent and controversial style, Hell Pizza celebrated World Vegetarian Week with an ad that features a hippy unleashing some pent-up rage on a smiling hamburger and hotdog. The spot is simple and stupid, but there’s something inescapably hilarious about watching a hippy go from zen to Charles Manson in a matter of seconds.      


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