TVCs of the week: 3 February

Who’s it for: Michael Hill by Colenso BBDO, Webber Presents and Artifex Productions 

Why we like it: Colenso and Michael Hill represented New Zealand at the Super Bowl with this effort, which veers away from the standard trope of featuring models in jewellery ads to present real New Yorkers—with their scars, grey hair, wrinkles and freckles—responding to the question, ‘What would you do for love?’ 


Who’s it for: Our First Home by TVNZ Blacksand

Why we like it: TVNZ is again dipping its toe into reno-reality with Our First Home. And as has come to be expected, the show will be more about the personalities than the DIY. So, in an effort to introduce the participants to the audience, TVNZ has released a slick spot that gives each struggling family a moment of screen time to share their stories. No doubt some members of the public have already picked their favourites.   

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