TVCs of the Week: 28 July

Who’s it for: Tower Insurance by Barnes, Catmur & Friends

Why we like it: While the subject matter in this ad is a little strange (a penguin nicking off with little kids’ bikes), we’ve got to admit, the miniature interviews with the children are pretty cute. When posed the question “What would you do if a penguin stole your bike?” the kids react in a variety of ways. Some in disbelief, others in anger and one small boy inferring it’s impossible because they live in “Antarcria”. We like that Tower has taken a light-hearted and funny approach to a potentially dull subject like insurance, despite the ad’s bizarre concept.

Who’s it for: 2degrees by Special Group and Curious

Why we like it: ‘There are two kinds of people’ sounds like the start of a lecture from your parents (and it’s also a cool Tumblr). But it’s also a simple way to sell 2degrees’ simple new broadband plans. 

Who’s it for: LG by Hustle & Bustle and Fish&Clips

Why we like it: It’s always a clever approach for brands to use their own products to market their products, as evidenced by the likes of GoPro, Canon and Nikon’s campaigns. And LG has given this a crack with its latest campaign which encompasses four short stories shot entirely on an LG G4. It’s not just the marketing approach we like, the stories, which are of Kiwis discussing the passions for their crafts, are also good and it puts the spotlight on smaller businesses New Zealanders might not have heard of.

We made a big mistake. Or maybe it’s a long mistake. Either way, it’s tasty news for you.

Posted by Burger King NZ on Monday, July 20, 2015

Who’s it for: Burger King by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Who doesn’t like a healthy bit of self-deprecating humour? And this is clearly an agency taking a dual stab at the often impossible demands made of them by their clients, as well as making light of the fast food industry’s habit of advertising its food looking infinitely better than it does in reality. As evidenced by many such pages on the internet dedicated to the topic, pointing out that instead of receiving a towering burger with fresh buns and juicy lettuce lots of bacon, beef and sauce, it normally looks as if it’s been sat on with the top bun half falling off as its limited ingredients fall out the side. At least we can laugh about it.

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