TVCs of the Week: 28 January

Who’s it for: Sky by DDB and Exit Films

Why we like it: the anachronistic presence of Father Time in a Sky-powered world continues in this tongue-in-cheek spot that illustrates the possible pitfalls of not watching the game live. This spot also makes it two weeks in a row for DDB and Sky in the TVCs of the Week rundown.

Who’s it for: Vend, produced in-house with Sally Tran

Why we like it: things got a little crazy at Vend’s recently opened Auckland office, as all the employees lent a hand in creating the new introductory video for the point-of-sale software. Although not appearing on Kiwi television screens, the clip left a big green imprint on YouTube and successfully unveiled the business in the Kiwi market. 

Who’s it for: TVNZ’s Sunday by Blacksand  

Why we like it: featuring some of the more controversial, heart-warming and memorable guests from last year, the new promo for Sunday stirs the soul and simultaneously reminds the audience that the show is committed to telling the stories of Kiwis of every shape, colour and creed.

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