TVCs of the week: 28 April

100 years on we honour those who went to the Great War. Unforgotten Soldiers – an Anzac Tribute.

Posted by SKY TV on Friday, 24 April 2015

Who it’s for: Sky by DDB and Will O’Rourke 

Why we like it: DDB used its Anzac Day outdoor installation as the set of this spot, which provides a link between the plight of the soldiers one hundred years ago and those fortunate enough to stand on Kiwi streets today. From the initial experiential activation to the final TVC, the entire campaign was beautifully pulled together and effectively made the point that history still has an important role to play in the present.   

Who it’s for: Canon by Bcg2 and director Tim Parsons of Exposure Films 

Why we like it: Playing out at a time when photography equipment sales are increasingly being threatened by smartphone cameras, Canon brings together professional photographer Graeme Murray and pro-snowboarder and entry level photographer Leon Thomason to illustrate how different lenses can help photographers—both amateur and professional—better tell the stories that matter to them. The six-minute spot plays out like a mini-tutorial, and effectively gives potential photographers a glimpse at how much better a high-quality lens is than an Instagram filter.        

Who it’s for: AA Smartfuel by Rainger & Rolfe and Exit Films

Why we like it: By following around a charming taxi driver, AA Smartfuel is able to tell the story about the utility of its loyalty programme while simultaneously entertaining viewers. And while the ad has been criticised for stepping close to the racial stereotype line, it is good to see creatives willing to tell a story rather than adopt the shouting approach so often employed in the retail category.    

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