TVCs of the Week: 27 October

Who’s it for: Sanitarium by Saatchi & Saatchi NZ and 8

Why we like it: The breakfast biscuit market is growing quickly, and Sanitarium is looking to capitalise on that with the launch of its own variation. And to let the masses know, it has launched a high-paced ad that features a range of scenes showing how the breakfast alternative can help us out. While the biscuit might very well taste great, it is slightly depressing to think that we’ve become so busy that we don’t even have time to prepare a bowl of cereal any more.        

We sought out to help the Eden Wizard’s Under 9 football club with their first ever tackling session, but they weren’t expecting this… #PricelessSurprises #RWC2015

Posted by MasterCard on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Who’s it for: MasterCard by McCann London

Why we like it: After surprising the ever-green Mr Carter with his original team of rugby mates, MasterCard has now turned the attention to the young Eden Wizards as part of its ‘Priceless Surprises’ campaign. Featuring the drop goal-kicking breaker of South African hearts clad in a tackle suit, the ad shows the kids running and tackling what they think is their coach. Then, as Carter removes his mask, the pricelessness of the campaign is revealed in the shocked reactions of the kids as they realise they had in fact been tackling one of their heroes.  

Who’s it for: Safekids by bcg2 and Mediacom

Why we like it: In response to the continued problem of driveway accidents, Safekids has released a keyring to remind Kiwi parents that what they love most might be right behind them. And alongside that keyring, the not-for-profit organisation has launched a TV campaign that will undoubtedly pull at the heartstrings of parents, many of whom might’ve had close calls of their own.

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