TVCs of the week: 27 May

Who’s it for: Red Bull by Flying Fish 

Why we like it: while it might not be a TVC, the combination of an exhilarating soundtrack with death-defying stunts by motocross madman Levi Sherwood really gets the blood pumping through our veins.      

Who’s it for: Tui by Saatchi & Saatchi

Why we like it: the beer company recently kicked off its 125th birthday celebrations by redefining the way we understand handheld devices, and the focus on disembodied hands continues in this new spot. And according to to the team at Tui, there will be further activations to follow.      

Who’s it for: HPA by GSL Promotus

Why we like it: chastising the public for over-indulging in a pastime is an unenviable responsibility to have, but the tongue-in-cheek approach employed by GSL Promotus in this instance gets the message across while simultaneously not making the audience feel like grounded children.

  • Whittaker’s: Viewing on other websites has been disabled. So watch the 30-second ad here and the 15-second ad here.

Who’s it for: Whittaker’s by Assignment Group

Why we like it: while Nigella’s extra-curricular activities might’ve landed her in hot water, the public still found this clip endearing enough to watch over two million times since it was launched.     

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