TVCs of the Week: 27 January

Who’s it for: Anchor NZ by Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Children have vivid imaginations capable of constructing stories that provide elaborate rationalisations for things that are obvious, and comparably boring, to adults. This again proved to be the case when Colenso BBDO handed the creative reins over to five-year-old Lila. And although the spot is very simplistic in its execution, the viewer can’t help but be pulled into the far-fetched story of the Tooth Fairy. 

Who’s it for: Bigpipe by Tim Batt, Guy Montgomery and Tom Furniss

Why we like it:  Since its inception last year, Bigpipe has been open in its pursuit for younger consumers. Everything from the no-limit structure of its broadband packages to the fact that it doesn’t have a call centre has been shaped with the millennial in mind, and this is now also being reflected in its latest advertising effort, which serves up a delightfully juvenile assortment of random scenes.   

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