TVCs of the Week: 25 November

Who it’s for: Holden by Ogilvy & Mather and Blu Stevens

Why why we like it: Holden flips the 0 to 100 car metric to draw attention to the fact that only 100 Commodore GTRs have been made for the New Zealand market. This campaign comes as the car brand gears up for its 60th anniversary celebrations, and follows on from its recent YouTube series detailing the renovation of a 1969 Monaro.    

Who’s it for: Speight’s by DDB

Why we like it: Some top quality self-deprecation from Karl Burnett and a massive—quite literally—pun makes for some classic beer-based comedy and a marked shift away from the Southern Man. 

Who it’s for: Tip Top by Colenso BBDO and Sunday Punch

Why we like it: according to the infallible scientific research conducted by Tip Top, eating ice cream instantly makes Kiwis more generous. And while signing up as a guinea pig for scientific research isn’t always a good idea, this rule definitely doesn’t apply when ice cream is involved. 

Who it’s for: Special Group and Stuff & Nonsense

Why we like it: effective dad dancing requires near-extremist commitment to the art of being awkward. And as a comedian that has shaped his entire career on his brand of awkward humour, no one seems better qualified than Rhys Darby to give Kiwis a how-to guide on perfecting the moonwalk, the robot and the restless leg syndrome.   

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