TVCs of the week: 22 April

Who’s it for: Auckland Transport by Work Communications

Why we like it: although screening of this ad has been limited to cinemas and YouTube, it still caught our attention for giving a horrifying visual representation of what two seconds could potentially cost a driver. This spot was created as a continuation of the two-second distraction campaign released last year, and it has been coupled with a few video clips of a magician using sleight of hand to illustrate how prone the human mind is to distraction.       

Who’s it for: NZ Rugby by Augusto

Why we like it: marketers are continuing to veer away from the advertising trope of a burly sportsman delivering a meaningless one-liner, and this is giving us a range of ads that now place fans at the centre of the promotional push. In this latest spot, three Blues players give supporting advice to a fan that appears to take team spirit very seriously.              

Who’s it for: Burger King by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: Colenso BBDO is continuing its quirky approach in a new Burger King spot that attempts to encapsulate the sensation of instantaneous regret that people feel immediately after uttering something really stupid (and in this case offensive). 

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