TVCs of the week: 21 July

Who says #KiwiSaver is boring? We want to strip away the confusion (among other things). #cheeky

Posted by Kiwibank on Thursday, 16 July 2015

Who’s it for: Kiwibank by Assignment, OMD and Flying Fish

Why we like it: As the Roman poet Horace once said “Carp diem” in other words, “Seize the day”. And that is exactly what Kiwibank has done with this TVC, seizing the day male strippers found their way back on to the cinema screen in the form of Magic Mike XXL. The clip cleverly tied its campaign for its Kiwi Wealth Kiwisaver prodcut, targeted at women, into its ‘Indepen-dance’ campaign and then screened the clip in cinemas before the Magic Mike film. While watching advertising on the big screen (which makes it ten-times more obnoxious) can be quite a chore when eagerly waiting for a film to start, we’re not sure folk would have minded this ad all that much.

Who’s it for: Cadbury by DDB

Why we like it: The clip is visually stunning and we imagine every child in New Zealand watching this ad will stand tranxfixed in front of their television screens (or is it tablet screens these days), palms pressed to the glass. We love the soundtrack and while it not only suits the dancing jaffas perfectly, it also promotes New Zealand music, as the song in the clip is by Kiwi act The Phoenix Foundation. Cadbury and DDB have also thought outside the box, taking the idea of ‘mixing’ food to an entirely different level.

Who’s it for: TVNZ by TVNZ Blacksand

Why we like it: We like that TVNZ is giving its viewers a platform to express their opinions through TVNZ Greenroom and we also like how this Kiwi bloke nonchalantly cruises through the sets of the broadcasters shows, offering his opinion on everything (we especially enjoyed his general attitude towards Mike Hosking at the end). And while we know us Kiwis can’t actually cruise through TVNZ’s sets and make demands, the clip does a good job of visually representing the idea behind the initiative.

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