TVCs of the week: 2 June

Who’s it for: BP by Ogilvy NZ and Curious

Why we like it: If there’s one way to distract the public from oil spills, it’s adorable tiny animals. This ad montage comprises of a number of ‘likeable’ things – a very cute bunny cradled by a fully-grown man, said bunny on a motorbike, a road trip featuring some stunning scenery and a heart-warming reunion scene.

Who’s it for: Pedigree by Colenso BBDO in collaboration with BBDO New York

Why we like it: And yet another ad involving cute animals but this time for a product which is actually associated with animals *cough* Vodafone *cough* BP. We like this because it cleverly touches on deeper issues like generational differences and race politics while ultimately remaining light-hearted, leaving the viewer with a positive message –  dogs don’t judge or discriminate so why should we.

Who’s it for: NZ Post by Clemenger BBDO shot by The Sweet Shop’s Iain MacKenzie

Why we like it: Because it features a rarely seen light-hearted Tywin Lannister. Just kidding, that’s not the only reason. The ad quickly shows a number of things that ‘you can’ do with NZ Post and vocalises them using popular celebrity Charles Dance (so people are bound to listen) to highlight all of its services which some New Zealanders may not have been aware of. In particular services targeted towards business owners and suppliers but also to those who simply want to post a letter.

Who’s it for: Rebel Sport by Ogilvy & Mather and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: While not everyone wants to get up at the crack of dawn and play early-morning sport in the dark while it’s raining (we’re not talking about any of our writers…) the ad does have some nice messages about team spirit and endurance. The spot also features some nice shots of actual sports teams from around the country braving the elements to do what they do best.

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