TVCs of the week: 19 May

Who’s it for: Godfrey Hirst

Why we like it: Several members of the 7 Days gang are making some cash on the side by lending their comedic talents to various brands. And following on from his recent stint as an uncannily greasy car repairman in a Toyota spot, Dai Henwood has now hopped on a scooter and taken a trip across the nation to announce Godfrey Hirst’s first countrywide flooring sale.      

Who’s it for: Tourism New Zealand by Whybin\TBWA Sydney and The Sweet Shop

Why we like it: For the past three years, Tourism New Zealand has had a distinctly fantastical air about it with Hobbits featuring in abundance as part of the 100% Pure, 100% Middle Earth campaign. And now, for the latest iteration of its 100% positioning, the tourism body is focusing on how every day offers a different journey across the nation’s diverse landscape. However, as illustrated by the travelling couple’s visit to Hobbiton, Middle Earth isn’t entirely off the cards; it now just forms part of a bigger Kiwi picture.        

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand by True and Flying Fish

Why we like it: Speaking of Hobbits, it appears that Air New Zealand is also taken a vacation from Tolkien’s world. In its latest safety video, the airline gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of several pro surfers ripping up the waves of Piha, Raglan, Malibu and the Gold Coast. And while Air New Zealand’s re-imagining of safety videos can no longer be considered novel, they are still effective at drawing an audience (as illustrated by Guy Williams’ Tweet below). On the slightly more negative side, this clip will undoubtedly provoke ire in local surfers, who will be annoyed because it attracts international attention to some of the nation’s more crowded surf breaks.            


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