TVCs of the Week: 10 June

Who’s it for: Tux by Assignment Group and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: It references the best TV show ever made, A Dog’s Show, so it checks the nostalgia box. And it features a dog herding cats so it checks the online dog/cat industrial complex. What more could you want? 

Who’s it for: TVNZ by Blacksand

Why we like it: This campaign could be accused of using that most horrible of marketing tactics, the flash mob, but, like a less intricate version of Push to Add Drama, it’s saved by the interactive element and it does a pretty good job of creating a sense of excitement about the start of the World Cup on Friday. 

Who’s it for: Greenpeace by DDB and Beached Az

Why we like it: Serious issues like the state of our oceans often don’t get the attention they deserve. So, rather than taking the aggressive, alarmist approach, it’s aiming to raise awareness by using humour. 

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