TVCs of the week: 1 July

Who’s it for: Kia by Work Communications

Why we like it: Kia uses New Zealand’s green landscape and pristine waters as a foil to office-based captivity, while simultaneously positing its latest offering as the chariot to carry you from the former to the latter.  

Who’s it for: McDonald’s by DDB and Goodoil

Why we like it: The message relayed by statistics is often dependent on who is doing the interpreting. And when the person presenting the information is wearing a suit and uses human beings as TV stands, then you have little choice but to trust what is being said. 

Who’s it for: ANZ by WhybinTBWA and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: ANZ’s new TVC gives a literal depiction of the expression ‘time is money’ and illustrates that there might actually be some truth this cliche, which owes its existence to Benjamin Franklin.    

Who’s it for: Sky Arena (Phoenix vs West Ham and Newcastle) by Sky

Why we like it: Sky spreads the word about the upcoming fixture between West Ham and the Wellington Phoenix by encouraging the players to engage in a bit of self-deprecating humour.


Who’s it for: TV2 by Blacksand

Why we like it: Millen Baird gets New Zealanders fired up for the upcoming New Zealand vs Australia edition of The Amazing Race, and in the process accuses the our neighbours across the ditch of being smelly, dirty, lying cheaters.

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