TVC of the Week: 10 July


Who’s it for: Z by Assignment Group and Exposure

Why we like it: Surely the best child stars since Mitre 10’s ‘sandpit’. It had me at the eyebrow raise. And as well as the cute factor, it also does a good job of explaining Z’s main point of difference. 


Who’s it for: Civil Defence by Clemenger BBDO and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: While Z went for the scripted approach, this spot for Get Thru decided to let the impromptu gems flow freely. And ‘earthquakes cause salamis’ would have to be up there for line of the year. 


Who’s it for: Pak ‘N’ Save by DraftFCB

Why we like it: Like George Clooney, leather jackets and vintage carpet, Stickman just seems to get better with age. 


Who’s it for: MasterCard by McCann Sydney and Robber’s Dog

Why we like it: After a glut of rugby ads last year, it’s quite nice to see a few of our favourite All Blacks back on screen spruiking sponsors’ products, especially when they’re being violated by the world’s most annoying fan. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svvbrZjLa5U Who’s it for: Australia’s Libraries by The Sweet Shop. 

Why we like it: The ad is only running in Australia, but Circuitt is a Kiwi lad, and this beautiful animated spot does a good job of showing the child-occupying joys that can be found within the country’s often overlooked public libraries. Actor and author William McInnes, patron of the National Year of Reading, voiced the film.

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