True’s long-form copywriting for Air New Zealand nabs newspaper ad of the month

In this age of instant gratification, less is supposed to be more, but creative agency True contradicted that notion with a verbose ad for Air New Zealand, which won them the Newspaper Ad of the month for November.

The full-page newspaper spread for Air New Zealand carries an image of the ZK AMM airplane circa 1949 above bold text declaring, ‘this ad has far  too many words’, the ad then explains in six florid paragraphs of detail all the delights of the Air New Zealand exhibition now showing at Auckland museum.

Nostalgia could be an emergent theme for winners of the award granted by News Works after DDB’s homage to the All Blacks’ legacy in an Ad for Steinlager won September’s award (there was no October award).

Judges Matt Shirtcliffe (Shirtcliffe & Co), James Conner (DDB) and Christie Cooper (DDB) agreed it was “smart and insightful use of the medium. Not afraid to have a laugh at itself, but keeping with subject matter and beautifully written”.

Moa and Us & Co’s cheeky invocation of George Gregan’s infamous taunt in their ‘Four more Years’ ad won them a special mention. The judges said: “Clever use of taking advantage of the special edition and it’s topical”.

Every monthly winner in the competition from 1 July 2015 to 31 June 2016 will automatically be entered into the $10,000 Newspaper Ad of the Year at the end of next year.


Agency Team

Creative Directors: Dom Antelme, Ian Sweeney
Copywriter: Scott Moyes
Art Director: Melissa Chardet
Designer: Chris Reddit
Senior Account Manager: Jess Standidge

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