Traffic movement figures suggest Kiwis aren’t locking down as well as they did in 2020

The latest report from LENS Technology & Analytics shows that New Zealanders are moving about far more than they did in lockdown last year, supporting the narrative of lockdown fatigue. 

The LENS Lockdown Series DOOH Report reveals an average drop in traffic levels by 75.3 percent over the first seven days of lockdown, compared to a 90 percent drop in March 2020.

Regional cities including Hamilton and Christchurch have shown the lowest average reductions with -65.3 percent and -68.6 percent respectively.

The LENS platform captures and reports real-time audience data, visitor frequency and unique reach.

In the LENS Lockdown Series DOOH Report, LENS will provide accurate daily comparisons by day that will quantify the changes in audience volumes and behaviours affected by the current Alert Level 4 lockdown. 

LENS will also demonstrate the rapid return of audiences as the Alert Levels reduce.

Report observations: Lockdown day seven – 24 August 2021

  • Over the first week of Level 4 lockdown, the audience reduction across LUMO’s network has ranged by day from a high of -78.8 percent on Saturday 21 August to a low of 72.4 percent on Monday, with an average of -75.3 percent.
  • Hamilton (LUMO-Grey) remains relatively active with an average daily audience reduction of -65.3 percent
  • Over the last seven days, the LUMO screen network has seen 1,304,566 views, generating a Unique Reach of 282,986 at an average frequency of 4.61 times. 
  • The relatively higher level of audience activity compared to March 2020 may be due to more essential workers out and about, more regular visits to supermarkets, and a little less compliance to the hard lockdown rules in some parts of the community.

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