Trade Me some XT, please

While not every Telecom XT user will be seeing the lighter side of the  problems that  have plagued the network and its users, one cheeky Trade Me user has decided to put the network up for sale.

And you might be surprised to know that there are people out there who are keen to purchase it. So far 63 hopefuls have placed their bid.

The listing on the site describes the network as: “One slightly used XT mobile phone network less than one year old, coming available VERY soon.

“Includes small English TV presenter who will vouch for this system despite evidence to the contrary.”

The seller is quick to stress on the finer point of delivery: “Purchaser must pick up as we are increasingly discovering that we just cannot deliver.”

The listing seems to have generated quite the buzz, eliciting an animated questions and answer session between the seller and prospective buyers.

One interested buyer asks: “What’s the estimated market value of the lemon as of right now?”

The seller replies with: “With an estimated market penetration of over 5.27%, and taking into consideration the exchange rate, OCR and fluctuations in the Gold standard, commentators are positioning lemon capitalisation at approximately NZ$0.74c each.”

The top bid is currently sitting at an impressive $50 (the reserve has been met, in case you were wondering). Interested buyers have until 8.13pm on March 1 to place their bids. Don’t miss out!

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