TRA and Think TV Top 10: Festive fibs take the top spot this holiday season

ThinkTV and TRA’s bi-monthly viewer-led research has announced the top 10 viewer favourite ads on TV. Fittingly, Festive Fibs took the top spot, while Lotto continues to hold strong.

The final top ten for this decade has brought in a very festive feeling with NZ Post’s Festive Fib’s by FCB taking the top spot, only a month after its first airing.

The remainder of the top 10 was filled with consistent placeholders, proving strong creative ideas can deliver brand benefits throughout the year. These include ads by Lotto, Cadbury, Pak n’ Save, Speights, NZ Transport and Vodafone.

The survey was implemented by Dynata, the worlds largest data and insight platform, who looked at a nationally representative sample of 1000 New Zealanders aged 18 to 60 years old. Conducted between 12 – 22 November, it asked respondents ‘what is your favourite ad on TV at the moment?’. TRA has also used Zavy social media analysis to see whether these ads are also getting people talking and what brands communicated well to viewers.

Here, TRA Head of Strategy, Carl Sarney, provides commentary on the top ten favourite ads;

1. NZ Post ‘Keeping Ho Ho Hush Hush’

“NZ Post’s Christmas ad debuts in the number 1 position. It’s a notable achievement to hit number one ahead of Lotto’s ‘Lost Ticket’ which has been well ahead of the pack since it launched in June. NZ Post’s ad is liked for its relatable and sweet depiction of families hiding their gifts from each other with the help of their courier. The familiar Fleetwood Mac soundtrack with a choral twist adds to the attention-grabbing appeal.”

Results from Zavy: Analysis shows good shares and like ration of 21 percent.

Public Comments:

“Because it is light hearted and funny and we have all done this at some time or other trying to buy surprise presents and trying to get them delivered without the person it’s for knowing.”

“Xmas time is the best time, it’s a time of love, giving and especially a time for families to come together on this one occasion to celebrate a festive day, brings everyone together.”

“Because it’s so relatable, we all tell little lies to cover for our gifts. And the courier driver is on board with it, and loves it too”

2. Lotto – ‘Lost Ticket’

“Dropping 1 position but still a strong performer is Lotto’s ‘Lost Ticket’. Liked for its storyline and its heart-warming, feel-good ending, once again the cheekiness of the nurse getting away with concealing the ticket, and the lucky lady getting away with a win, after all, has struck a chord with kiwi audiences.”

Results from Zavy: Analysis shows 37 percent positive net sentiment, a strong result, with a shares/likes ratio of 10 percent. Many commenters have called this one of Lotto’s best ads so far.

Public comments:

“Such a feel good ad. Could be completely true. How wonderful it is to lose something, think you’ll never see it again, then you find it.”

“A good mixture of funny and heart-warming, without being too sad. Also shows the goodness of others.”

“It’s cleverly done and tells a story. You feel totally sympathetic for the woman”

3. Cadbury – ‘Mum’s Birthday’

“Cadbury’s ‘Mums Birthday’ remains a strong performing favourite. It is liked for its family-orientation and people describe it as sweet and endearing. It’s a hard-working mum who deserves a treat on her birthday. Kiwis would hate to see her unfairly miss out, and we love to see fairness restored through the kindness of her daughter and the dairy owner. Those most likely to say this is their favourite ad has traditional values and aged 45 – 60.”

Public comments

“Sweet and innocent, has an element of humour and also nice to see a child thinking of others.”

“Because it is so heart-warming. The little girl is giving her precious possessions to get something for her mum and the dairy owner acknowledges that.”

‘Because it shows compassion & empathy. She loves her mum & wants to give her something nice for her birthday.”

4. BNZ – ‘The kids’ room’

“BNZ has managed to stay in the top ten with their new ad ‘The kids’ room’ which debuts at number 4, following on from their previous favourite ad ‘What Ella Wants’. The definitive relationship in Kiwi culture is that of mateship (think Speights mates, Mainland mates and Hilux mates) The mateship bond is present here between these siblings too. 58 percent mentioned ‘BNZ’ in their description.”

Zavy results: Zavy social media analysis shows it was strong performing ad, with 44 percent shares/like ratio and 30 percent positive net sentiment.

Public comments:

“Beautifully captures the relationship between siblings and sharing a bedroom”

“I think it’s really sweet and shows you don’t always appreciate what you have until it’s gone.” “Cute, heart-warming and a bit of humour.”

5. Pak n’ Save – ‘Stickman’

“Now with a Grand Effie to his name, Stickman continues to connect with kiwis through simple humour that gets them shopping at Pak n’ Save. Those with children aged 5-12 were most likely to mention Stickman as their favourite ad on TV. 95 percent mentioned ‘Pak n’ Save’ in their description.”

Zavy results: Social media analysis shows that not only is Stickman a loved character on TV, his appearances in social media regularly result in top performing posts

Public comments:

“Stickman ads are always funny. They have a unique brand of humour that is simple, and enjoyable from start to finish.”

“I just think they are very cleverly done and so easy to remember who they advertise” “They change frequently, they are always funny. And they tell me what’s available”

6. AA Insurance – ‘Dinosaur vs Unicorn’

“AA Insurance’s latest in their ‘Live a Little Freer’ series ‘Dinosaur vs Unicorn’, features (as you may have guessed from the title), a dinosaur and unicorn playing around in a house until a precious vase is knocked over. People mentioned that they like the catchy ‘Born Free’ song featured in the ad. 54 percent mentioned ‘AA’ in their description.”

Zavy results: Social media analysis shows that the highly imaginative execution depicts a highly relatable moment with many commenters sharing their own experiences of accidents caused by imaginary

Public comments:

“I like how it shows the power of imagination as in the beginning it shows a ‘real’ dinosaur and unicorn”
“It’s not what you think it’s going to be.”
“I think it’s funny and like the creativity of it”

7. Speights ‘The Dance’

“Retaining its number 7 position, Speights ‘The Dance’ is also now an Effie winner. Liked for its unique take on modern mateship, as well as the feature song, ‘Baby, it’s you’. Those who described this as their favourite were more likely to be aged 45 – 60. 96 percent mentioned ‘Speights’ in their description.”

Zavy results: Analysis shows that this ad is still a favourite and continues to hold a strong positive net sentiment of 26 percent with a shares/like ratio of 25 percent.

Public comments:

“It’s light-hearted and fun while also addressing gender-based roles”
“Fun shows typical Kiwi male’ in a different way”
“It is touching as well as entertaining/funny”

8. NZ Transport Agency – ‘Dilemmas

“NZTA’s ‘Dilemmas’ is now a year old, and back on our screens for another summer party season. Still engaging audiences with a surprising use of celebrity, mateship and our revered outdoor lifestyle. People told us they liked its good message about driving responsibility and looking after your mates. People who liked the ad are most likely to be male. While few people mentioned ‘NZTA’ in their description, the comments indicate that most people do understand the message about not letting your mates drive if they’ve been drinking.”

Public comments:

“It’s clever and funny and thought provoking. The characters are likeable.”
“It raises awareness for such an important issue, and it is memorable” “Because it has a very serious message and remains engaging ”

9. Spark – ‘Balance screen time with play time’

“Spark’s latest ad ‘Balance screen time with playtime’ debuts at number 9. This ad touches on several core kiwi cultural codes; our love of the outdoors; our love for our mates; our love of sports and our desire for self -determination. Those who were most likely to say it was their favourite ad were aged 30 – 44. 6 percent mention ‘Spark’ in their description.”

Zavy results: Social media analysis shows that people loved the idea of limiting their children’s screen time and applauded Spark with taking the initiative to implement this. It has one the highest shares/like ratio at 75 percent and 25 percent positive net sentiment.

Public comments:

“Well, this ad urges parents to have a talk with their kids to manage their screen time and p lay time”
“Because it’s hopefully a lesson for the young community to take note of” “Because I can relate to the ad with trying to get the kids outside more by dividing their game time and play time”

10. Vodafone–‘Huxley–Life to the power of 5G’

“Dropping 4 places and rounding out the top favourites is Vodafone’s ‘Life to the power of 5G’ featuring Huxley the dog. Using animal appeal in an emotional and heart-warming way is aligned with the global cultural current of humanising technology to optimise one’s self. Those most likely to say this is their favourite ad were female with progressive values and/or unique tastes. 65 percent mention ‘Vodafone’ in their description.

Zavy results: Social media analysis shows a strong shares/like ratio at 42 percent. It was also one of the Top 10 performing posts in New Zealand for the month of September.

Public comments:

“It’s fun, future focused, warm and fuzzy” “It’s very emotional and has a happy ending!”

“I like dogs and I think the ad is clever in making you think he may be put down but instead he receives surgery from another country”

For further information about the survey and results, contact [email protected]

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