Tourism Fiji invites expressions of interest 2020

Tourism Fiji is inviting media planning and buying agencies to register their interest to work with the tourism body to further its reach into the New Zealand market.  

As Fiji welcomes a record number of Kiwi visitors, Tourism Fiji is looking for applicants who can provide strategic and creative media buying solutions to assist it in achieving its goals of increased visitor arrivals into Fiji.

The job will assist in what has been a record growth period for tourism in Fiji, already Kiwis are heading to the island in large quantities, with 2019 arrivals hitting a record of visitors, with a total of 23 percent of the holiday arrivals to Fiji coming from New Zealand. Now, Tourism Fiji is looking to continue to add efficiency to its processes with the interest of a new media planning and buying agency.

The government owned tourism body says innovative thinking would be ideal to ensure the effectiveness of its media budget, where the agency will be working with a team located in Auckland.

The agency will be tasked with supporting new visitor arrival goals, as well as working together to drive on-going growth in brand and tactical campaign activity for the destination. 

Working with an in-house Marketing Manager and Regional Manager on brand and tactical campaigns in the New Zealand market, the chosen agency will be tasked with spreading the message of the beauty and character of Fiji.

Other tasks will include but are not limited to;

  • Work with our brand creative agency to co-ordinate effective creative assets that align with campaign objectives across the consumer’s conversion journey.   
  • Continually fine tune campaign objectives and corresponding metrics across key measurable areas of the customer path to purchase.
  • From brand response (e.g. awareness) to specific conversion actions
  • Refine our customer target market segments including geographies and media consumption habits.
  • Define the optimal consumer path to purchase, whilst ensuring that both Tourism Fiji and partners’ paid and owned assets are contributing in effective consumer conversion.
  • Identify effective media channels that align with delivering campaign objectives within budget.
  • Provide regular scheduled campaign reports.
  • Monitor competitive activity, leverage opportunities and defend against threats. 
  • Drive PR and earned media opportunities through paid campaigns.
  • Assist with the communication of campaign plans to key partners and the wider Fiji tourism trade, to allow them to leverage market activity to their benefit. 
  • Share useful New Zealand media learnings and opportunities with the Fiji tourism trade.

Applicants are suggested to have five plus years of experience in planning and executing paid media campaigns, both brand (aspirational) and tactical (conversion), across all New Zealand media channels. A four page submission is required which must include;

  1. How you will assess our current situation and then build a platform that will improve our insights and the effectiveness of our paid media from inspiring potential visitors through to conversion and return visitation?
  2. Your team, their relevant experience and how they would help us achieve great results for Fiji.
  3. Your rates and an example of how you would structure them to get us started and plan an initial campaign. 

Applications are required to include the following information:

  • Name of agency, full address, contact details, name of designation of the head of the organisation, name of contact person
  • Profile and track record of agency
  • Profile of key members of the team including level of experience
  • Award winning campaigns, if any
  • Fees and examples of campaign costs
  • Sampling of current and recent client list and testimonials 
  • Examples of brand and tactical campaigns

The bidder should be able to provide well-qualified, dedicated account service, strategic, planning and media booking functions for undertaking Tourism Fiji and co-operative partner campaigns. 

If you are interested in helping Tourism Fiji present itself to the New Zealand market as a world class destination all questions and proposals should be directed to Sonya Lawson, Regional Manager New Zealand, 177 Parnell Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052.

Phone +64 21 311347

Email: [email protected] 

Tourism Fiji intends to process applications for this EOI no later than close of business Friday 03 April 2020. 

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