Tourism Fiji invites Bloomfield for a ‘booster of happiness’

As Dr Ashley Bloomfield steps down from role as Director-General of Health on July 29, Tourism Fiji has released a video inviting him to Fiji for a ‘booster of happiness’.

The 60-second video invitation, executed by Special PR and shot by production house Radlab, has been released to offer the Bloomfield family a trip to Fiji., showcasing the country’s white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and, friendly faces of Fijian locals who will be there to welcome him.

The video features 6-year-old Ratu Isikeli Sauturaga who tells Dr Bloomfield that the country’s traffic-light system is a lot more relaxed as he sips a traffic light mocktail, and Mohammed Zoheeb invites Dr Bloomfield to enjoy a shot of vitamin D on their shores.

Meanwhile, Marika Seru jokes about Chris Hipkins’ infamous line, telling Ashley that there’s “plenty of room to spread your legs” as he sprints down the national Seven’s training ground, located in Fiji’s Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park.

A group of Fijian boys play rugby on the beach in the video invitation.

Tourism Fiji’s Regional Director for New Zealand, Sonya Lawson, says they wanted to invite the Bloomfield family on a holiday in a way that “encompasses the true Bula spirit”.

“Working with Special PR we created content that speaks to New Zealand culture while also featuring the friendly faces of Fiji.

“The result is a unique and engaging clip that we hope will entice Dr Bloomfield to find some welldeserved happiness in our island paradise.”

Special PR’s Head of PR and Influence, Kelly Grindle, says: “Dr Bloomfield has become a household name, appearing on our screens nearly every day for the better part of two years. And let’s face it, if anyone has deserved a shot of happiness and a getaway after such a gruelling job, it’s probably him.

“We wanted to create a video that not only showcased the incredible scenery Fiji has to offer but also produce something that would be light-hearted and engaging. After two years of Covid headlines, we could all do with some heart-warming content.”

Dr Bloomfield responded, describing the video to Stuff as a “wonderful and irresistible offer” from Tourism Fiji. “Having been to Fiji I know just how much it has to offer,” he said.

“The last two years have definitely been busy and I’m looking forward to having a bit of time to reacquaint myself with our Pacific whānau. Seeing the traffic light cocktails, the wide-open spaces to stretch your legs, the relaxing beaches and warm welcome – Fiji is definitely on my short list and I need no encouragement to get back.”

Fiji is open to international travellers with 34 weekly flights from around Aotearoa.


Agency – Special PR

Production – Radlab

Client – Tourism Fiji

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