The tough life of the male cheerleader

Following on from a story we wrote today which delves into the discrimination against gingers, nor should male cheerleaders be put down, as humorously explored by this Foster’s ad which provides an autobiographical account of the life of the male cheerleader.

According to this ad, life as an Australian male cheerleader is tough. Your parents don’t understand (particularly your Dad), your tight costume rides up your nether regions and people make fun of you.

You can view the ad here.

But the cheerleader lives by the ad’s tagline “Why the hell not?”. He has found his own enjoyment and he can still enjoy a beer out with the boys.

The ad was created by Adam&eveDDB and Glue Society director Gary Freedman in the 80s/90s style throwback style which seems to be quite popular among beer ads at the moment.

Perhaps this award-winning gem helped catapult the craze:

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