Touchcast powers Telecom’s digital design showcase

Touchcast recently helped Telecom create a digitally integrated installation for Cut&Paste, an event that showcased the creativity of Auckland designers.

It could be the first of many for the agency, says managing director Andrew Hawley, with digital pervading traditional brand experiences.

“[Digital] is especially powerful when it’s choreographed to interact with and amplify physical experiences,” says Hawley. “This fusion means we can engage audiences in a deep, multi-sensory way for those that want to invest the time, then amplify their deeper engagement to a wider audience using a lighter, digital-only experience, or vice versa.”

He says Cut&Paste is one of a growing number of such experiences Touchcast teams in Auckland and Wellington have helped bring to life.

The 13 March event was a live design battle that saw pairs of Kiwi creatives pitted against each other over quickfire rounds to create characters. They used pen and paper and computers to create their designs.

Themed ‘Characterized’, it involved freelance illustrator and character designer Garry McLanachan, born in Dunedin but now based in Auckland and Dunedin illustrator and character artist Scott Savage.

They were joined by Auckland artists and animators Mat Brady and Tessa Monash, and illustrators Ivy Niu and Alisha Brunton.

George FM DJs performed, while AUT’s Colab also curated interactive works for the event.

The design tournament series began last year, organised by US-based Cut&Paste. Artists get a creative brief to sketch, add colour and create scenes, all live on stage, with the winning character chosen at the end of the night.

Cut&Paste says the events are “lightly competitive”, but formatted to give a unique perspective on each designer’s technique.

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