Toot Group opts for tasty charity on tap

When Toot Group launched its High Street Lucky Christmas Shop initiative in Auckland last year, the success took them a little by surprise after the shop sold out of gifts three times over. The shop, which housed wrapped boxes containing mystery gifts from Auckland’s swanky High Street shops, ended up raising an impressive $30,000 for the Auckland City Mission. And now, in line with that charitable thinking, Toot Group recently wrapped up another initiative, this time involving its own “culture lab and staff bar”, The Golden Dawn—Tavern of Power.

Every purchase made from the special Christchurch beer taps at the bar went directly to the Red Cross. Running for 10 days from late February to early March, an impressive $6000 of beer was consumed which of course also means $6000 was raised for Christchurch.

“Christchurch is having a really crap time and we wanted to do something to help out,” says Cleve Cameron, creative director at The Toot Group.

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