Too cool for burger school

McDonald’s is having a reasonably rough time of it at the moment, with falling sales in some of its bigger markets and more trouble brewing because those pesky, transparency-seeking, provenance-loving, fast-casual fans known as millennials are not really lovin’ it as much as they once did. But it’s trying to change and, as a recent campaign in Australia shows, it’s trying to be ‘very unMcDonald’s‘, whether it’s through the launch of premium burgers, new brandingclever packaging or global days of creativity (although it hasn’t changed enough to accept Burger King’s poisoned olive branch). It’s also looking to recruit digitally savvy staff as it aims to bring “a start-up mindset to one of the world’s largest and most iconic brands” and, in an ad on LinkedIn, it seems to have attempted to illustrate what it thinks those staff might look like. 

Check out the recruitment page here. And if you, like us, think serving chips in metal baskets is weird, We Want Plates is a site you need to visit. 

Last year, McDonald’s launched a campaign in New Zealand to try and remove the stigma around burger flipping and gave viewers a look at some of the success stories that have emerged from starting a career at one of the stores.

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