Toby Talbot, rogue dentist

Many of those who work in this industry have skeletons in their closets. But nothing could prepare us for the revelation that TBWA\’s chief creative office Toby Talbot is, in fact, a rogue dentist, as this email we received over the weekend proves beyond a doubt. 

Dear Sirs,

Mr. Toby Ralph Talbot considers himself to be a specialist in all dental aspects. He is in fact a rogue. He has ruined my life and the lives of other patients I am in contact with. His professional conduct is applausable, I honestly believe as are other patients, that he is suffering from a phsychopathic illness, he really imagines himself to be THE GREATEST. He writes scam medico legal reports. He advertises himself as an American trained dentist. When and for how long I would like to know? He has a masters degree displayed on the wall, how did he obtain this degree?

He needs to be investigated, he is a rogue. When I visited him at his previous surgery, there was a book about dental care. I asked him if he wrote it, he said yes he did. It was a lie I have since found out. That is how he dupes patients into thinking how clever he is. Its all a lie.

I beg of you to investigate this rogue and protect further suffering to other patients.

I have of course much more horror stories to tell about this rogue. Please contact me, as I have much more to say about this Toby Talbot, a rogue dentist, to save others from suffering.

One thing New Zealand’s Toby Talbot would surely agree with is that his ‘professional conduct is applausable’. 

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