TiVo does deal with Telecom

tivoTelecom and Hybrid TV, the exclusive licensee of TiVo products in NZ and Australia, have struck a mighty deal – but only for Telecom broadband customers.

From November they can download all the movies and shows they want from the TiVo media device without paying more for their monthly data allowance. This unmetered service also includes games and information services and access to the Freeview HD channels.

What if you’re not with Telecom? You can still buy a TiVo but you’ll only get Freeview, basic digital video recording (DVR) features and a 14-day on-screen TV guide.

tivo box

So if you’re amping for TiVo technology you’ll need to save up $920 for a TiVo media device and wireless adaptor, which will be sold as a bundle from launch date. Telecom customers can also make 24 monthly payments of $30 plus an upfront payment of $200, which will appear on your phone bill. You can pre-order your TiVo on the Telecom website and get more questions answered on the TiVo website.

TiVo tidbits for Telecomers

  • The HD DVR allows you to play, pause or rewind live TV and record two programmes at once.
  • The 14-day on-screen TV Guide makes it easy to schedule the recording of free-to-air programmes and see what’s coming up on the box.
  • The Now Playing list shows you all the programmes you have already recorded.
  • The Season Pass Manager automatically records every episode of your favourite series for the whole season.
  • The WishList search finds and records programmes that feature your favourite actor, director, team or topic.
  • You can restrict programmes, lock channels or set ratings to shows that are unsuitable for children with TiVo KidZone.
  • Using the remote scheduling tool via the internet, you can set your TiVo to record when you are away from home.
  • For some entertainment, you only pay for what you watch – there are no monthly subscription fees.
  • If you buy a Home Networking Package you can share videos, pictures and music between your computer and your TiVo media device via your wireless network.TiVo_KZ

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