Tip Top conducts experiments on human subjects, calls on more guinea pigs to sign up

Agreeing to participate in a scientific experiment usually involves signing a 72-page waiver, taking a pill of ambiguous origin and hoping that you don’t take on the hue of Sin City’s That Yellow Bastard. So given all the possible pitfalls of standard experimentation, Tip Top decided to give its subjects ice creams rather than untested drugs when conducting a few tests on the effectiveness of its products in making people feel better.     

As part of a promotional campaign launched to coincide with the start of summer, Tip Top is sending comedian Guy Montgomery onto the streets to find out if it’s true that ice cream if makes Kiwis friendlier. 

According to research conducted by the Institute of Psychiatry in London, one spoonful of ice cream could stimulate an immediate and positive effect on the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex. What this means is that ice cream makes eaters feel better and this is reflected in how they treat others and how productive they are.

Ever the skeptics, Tip Top’s creative agency Colenso BBDO decided to put this theory to the test by conducting some uncontrolled and scientifically questionable experiments on unsuspecting Kiwis.   

The first experiment takes place in a real office, where the Tip Top research team find out if ice cream can make people more productive at work, while the second one tests the willingness of passersby to donate to a busker.     

And given that the Tip Top team tends to be quite thorough when it comes to its research, they are also inviting Kiwis to conduct their own experiments at home.

As part of the campaign, Kiwis can apply for free ice cream grants to conduct experiments, such as finding out if dating goes better or if their selfies are more popular after eating an ice cream.

“We thought it would be great to prove that our ice cream is not only delicious but makes people respond to situations in a more positive frame of mind,” said Minna Reinikkala, group marketing manager of Tip Top, in a release. “We know that having a Jelly Tip during a meeting instantly lightens our mood in the office, so we wondered could it do the same in another environment”.

In addition to hosting the campaign on its YouTube channel and Facebook pages, Tip Top has also rolled out radio, outdoor, digital media and local activations, which will encourage Kiwis to contribute their own findings on Facebook.


Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Copy Writer: Oriel Davis-Lyons
Art Director: Beth O’Brien
Group Account Director: Richard Birkby
Planner: Sarah Oberman
Executive Producer: Tim Freeman 
Production Company: Sunday Punch
Post Production: Toybox
Audio: Liquid Studios
Group Marketing Manager Tip Top: Minna Reinikkala
Senior Brand Manager Tip Top: Natacha Clark 

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