Tip Top and Colenso’s blast from the past

Where Kiwi kids may once have had a melting Popsicle dribbling down their chin as they climbed trees, played BYC or harassed geckos over summer, it seems they’re much more likely to be eating a Popsicle and staring at a screen these days. So, to tap into this evolution and add a bit of digi-fun to the brand, Tip Top and Colenso BBDO have tipped their hat to the classic arcade game Asteroids and custom-designed something similar to promote the new Popsicle Blasta. 

The game can be downloaded and played for free from the iTunes and Google Play stores, and it can also be played on the website. So far, download numbers are small, with less than 500 on the Google Play store (we’ve asked for figures for iOS and the numbers playing the game on the website), but the small number of reviews it has garnered are positive. 


One of the major issues when it comes to games or apps like this is a lack of promotion (as Derek Handley says: “Brands might not put media money behind an app for quite some time. But you’d never think about making a TV commercial without a significant media budget behind it. With an app, if you build it they definitely won’t come. It’s incredibly difficult to get an app to shoot up the charts.”). But group marketing manager Minna Reinikkala says Tip Top, which extended its iceblock universe this summer with a few new products, has tried to bring the game to life with a campaign consisting of TV, digital and Adshels. Or, in marketing speak: “Really leveraging a 360 degree approach”. 

“It’s already started to reignite the brand in an exciting way for kids of all ages to engage with,” she says.  

Here’s what it says about the game on the tin: 

The Blasta is the latest innovation in Popsicle Space Rocketry. Equipped with turbo speed jelly rockets and highly explosive Pop Candy Canons [sic]. The Blasta is one serious fighting machine and our only hope of saving The Popsicle Universe from total destruction by an evil armada of fierce Pyro Drone aliens, heading our way.

The Pyro Drone aliens are attempting to set the whole Popsicle Universe ablaze, melting it one planet at a time. Use your Blasta to explore The Popsicle Universe, secure all the stars, destroy the fierce Pyro Drones and stop their evil invasion. Good luck Pilot, we’re counting on you.


Executive Creative Director – Steve Cochran

Digital Creative Director – Aaron Turk

Agency Producer – Emma Tait

Production Company Producer – Simon Shaw

Art Director – Mike Hammond

Copywriter – Graeme Clarke

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