Tangible stalks another niche with new hunting magazine

The launch of a new print product is fairly rare in These Difficult Digital Times, but Tangible Media has just sent a new one into the wild, with the annual NZ Hunting World hitting the shelves today. 

Tangible publisher and MPA chair John Baker has long believed in the power of special interest titles and this new product, which sits snugly alongside Tangible’s NZ Fishing World, fits with that strategy. It also fits in with its strategy of launching brand extensions and special issues, as evidenced by the likes of NZ Rugby World’s First XVBaking Dish and Everyday Dish, and NZ Weddings Planner. 

“The love of the outdoors and the thrill of the chase underpin the engagement our readers have with NZ Fishing World,” he says. “Research tells us that they also like to hunt, and in large numbers.” 

He says the new title has been really well-supported by advertisers and retailers (except Whitcoulls, which has declined to range it). 

In addition to coming up with the idea and selling all the advertising, Baker says NZ Fishing World advertising manager (and keen outdoorsman) Mat Hewetson also sourced all the writers and photographers, while Julian Pettit was on design duty and NZ Fishing World’s editor John Durrant “has been great support on the sub editing side”. 

Here’s the blurb: “The first issue features a guide to New Zealand’s deer species, a look at how beginners can get into deer stalking and there’s 10 tips to improve your duck hunting. Davey Hughes tells his fascinating story of hunting in New Zealand’s wilderness and around the globe, there’s a tutorial on how to butcher your kill and expert game chef Dariush Lolaiy reveals his secrets for cooking duck, pheasant and venison. There’s also a comprehensive guide to the latest and greatest guns and gear to hit the market and the NZ Hunting World reviewers test three new rifles and three new shotguns as well as clever new accessories.”

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