ThinkTV gives special thanks to advertisers supporting media

ThinkTV has released a TVC especially thanking the advertisers who have continued to advertise during the lockdown, and in turn, have supported New Zealand media.

The 15 second spot, produced by TVNZ Blacksand, specifically thanks those advertisers for their continued support of New Zealand’s media industry. Where the lose of advertising has been linked already to major job losses in the industry.

ThinkTV has expressed thanks, saying without them they couldn’t bring viewers the news every night, or the daily press briefings or all the entertainment shows that offer a bit of light relief during lockdown.

Paul Maher, ThinkTV chairman, says thanking their advertisers was an important move for those involved.

“TV audiences are unprecedented at the moment. We’re seeing millions of New Zealanders turn to broadcast TV and broadcast video on demand to stay informed, with daily press briefings and the evening news providing huge viewership spikes.

“Kiwis are also flocking to stay entertained, we know just how important some light relief is for everyone right now. We can’t do this job without the support of our advertisers. We thought it was important to thank them for the role they play in delivering free-to-air TV to New Zealand and so creating a TV commercial seemed like the best way to send that message out far and wide.”

It will air from Tuesday across all TVNZ channels, Three, Bravo and Prime in both off peak and peak slots.

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