Thinkerbell Aotearoa brews new Havana campaign

Aimed at celebrating the diverse passions of Kiwis, Thinkerbell Aotearoa has just launched Havana Coffee Works’ latest platform ‘Get Your Good Going’.

Whether you’re into extreme ironing or cheese rolling, Havana is offering Kiwis the opportunity to score a year’s supply of coffee to help them do more of it, simply by sharing their unique hobby on social media.

Featuring Kiwis from all corners of Aotearoa, the creative captures individuals immersed in their passions, serving as inspiration for others to get into their hobbies too.

A caffeinated celebration of what makes life tick and the role Havana coffee plays in enriching your day, the project can be experienced in OOH and social media across the country.

Regan Grafton, Chief Creative Tinker at Thinkerbell Aotearoa, provided insights into the campaign’s creative vision. He stated: “Our aim with ‘Get Your Good Going’ was to encapsulate Havana’s 35-year legacy in Wellington in a way that resonates with coffee enthusiasts nationwide.

“We wanted to celebrate and inspire people to embrace their passions, fuelled by Havana Coffee, of course. It’s about injecting a dose of richness and vibrancy into every moment with our measured magic.”

Sam Keall, Marketing Manager at Havana, says, “‘Get Your Good Going’ shines a spotlight on the incredible talents and hobbies of Kiwis, while celebrating the joy of coffee. Havana has been an integral part of New Zealand’s coffee culture since its inception, and this campaign represents our ongoing commitment to fostering connections and enriching experiences.”

Established by Geoff Marsland & Tim Rose, Havana Coffee Works has long been synonymous with creativity and community connection. With ‘Get Your Good Going,’ Havana continues its legacy of inspiring individuals to embrace life’s richness and dive into the kaleidoscope of experiences it offers.

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