Think with Google new podcast forces a marketing re-think

Google has released its very first AU/NZ podcast specifically designed for marketers. The seven-part series features interviews with some of the industry’s leading names, and dives into some of the big questions marketers are grappling with today.

Created by Google in collaboration with agency partner The Hallway and Eardrum, the podcast investigates the biggest issues facing marketers.

Hosted by The Project’s Rachel Corbett, the Rethink podcast is part of Think with Google and is Googles first foray into the AUNZ specific scene.

Fortnightly episodes will feature insights from a range of guests such as Marion Grasby, YouTube creator; Simon Joyce, founder of Emotive; Mike Daniels, founder of The Behavioural Architects, Paul Sinkinson, Managing Director, Analytic Partners, Andrea Darling, Marketing Director, Klarna and Laura Nice, Managing Director of OMD Sydney. 

Mark Wheeler, Google Australia & New Zealand’s Head of YouTube and Large Customer Ads Marketing said: “There’s no doubt we’ve all had to do a bit of ‘rethinking’, especially when it comes to how, why and where we show up as brands. So to be helpful, we’re bringing timely and relevant trends and insights to the market in a snackable format that we hope inspires innovative ideas and action”

Simon Lee, Executive Creative Director at The Hallway said: “Bringing the iconic Google brand to life in the audiosphere for the first time has been an exciting challenge. The crux was not just defining the brand’s audio voice but also creating a format that successfully treads the fine line between entertainment, information and brand messaging. Through a great collaborative process with the Google and Eardrum teams, I’m confident that we’ve achieved this, and that our audience will get a lot of value from listening to Rethink.”

Episode 1:

Episode 1 features Ashley Chang, Simon Joyce and Marion Grasby talking about how changing behaviours and disrupted routines mean we need to rethink how we connect with our audiences.

YouTube’s APAC Head of Trends Ash Chang, says people are looking for something different from content: “We would typically think of content consumption as a way to be entertained. But I think for a lot of people during isolation, we actually use content as a form of utility.”

Episode 2:

In Episode 2, Rachel talks to Rachael Powell, Paul Sinkinson, Ian Czencz and Laura Nice about how changing media consumption habits tell us something different about the most effective way to reach and engage consumers.

The third episode launches Wednesday September 2.

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