The year in review: Liz Fraser

Following the events of the past few years, most media have been busy licking their wounds—and, in many cases, focusing on survival rather than growth. But, after consistently good revenue results and signs that there is more growth to come, the Kiwi digital sector has developed quite the swagger. Liz Fraser, the chair of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand and head of MSN NZ, opines.

1) Favourite campaign that isn’t yours

Not ours, but featured on MSN.co.nz, Prime TV’s True Blood new series launch. Windows Live Messenger video sharing delivered a taste to thousands and an opt-in text reminder pinged viewers immediately prior to show time. Cheap, effective viral transmission.

2) Favourite campaign that is yours

No big, flashy campaigns over here. We already have a large captive audience (each month we are visited by 4.5 million mostly Kiwis). Nevertheless, next year we’re going to fizz up Windows Live Hotmail and Messenger. TVCs promoting new features are also in the pipeline.

3) Least favourite campaign

Perhaps I should leave this one to my more creatively-minded industry peers. As the manager of a large news and entertainment network eager to host their handiwork I’m not entirely qualified to comment. However, I might say generally that I’m no fan of campaigns that aren’t sensitive to digital environments. For example, homepage skins chockfull of text do nothing for an online audience.

4) Best brand

Ahem. You really can’t go past CAANZ Media Brand of the Year 2010. That was us. Thought I’d get that in. Though I must say Air New Zealand continues to pump out good multi-layered stuff capturing a decent share of water-cooler conversations. They seem to back it up with pretty good service delivery, too.

5) Best stoush

TVNZ and the agency commission struggle. But when are the other multi-platform media players going to follow?

6) Heroes

IAB supporters working to improve industry standards and online growth.

7) Villains

Ad networks who say they represent sites, but don’t really.

8) Most memorable marketing moment

Accidentally dropping the F-bomb on stage when I collected the Media Brand of the Year Award. Hey, I don’t get out as much as I used to.

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