The University of Auckland joins forces with Method

Creative tech studio Method and the University of Auckland have teamed up to launch the second phase of the digital student platform, Your World Your Way, reimagining the student journey.

The interactive tool has been designed to create a unique experience for its target audiences – particularly potential students – that lets them explore the University of Auckland campuses and captures the ethos of the University within a tactile and playful virtual world.

University of Auckland Director of Digital Innovation, and Product Owner of Your World Your Way, Jason Tutara says: “Your World Your Way is an evolving mini world full of exciting areas, objects and buildings to explore, each providing relevant and useful information for every stage of a student’s university life. With an engaging and intuitive interface, the site has been designed to be easy to use and to entice students to explore further and deeper. 

“We wanted the experience to be fun, clear and intuitive, with the ability to get to the right information quickly.”

The long-term plan for the digital platform is to create an even more immersive experience – one that is fully personalised for all users; a hub that will allow future and current students to connect, succeed and thrive, individually and with each other.

Design Director at Method, Matt Power says: “We’ve enjoyed a truly collaborative design process with the University of Auckland. Initially briefed as a means to navigate the impact of Covid-19, we were challenged to reconsider how visitors get the information they need and, more importantly, a sense of their world at the university if they can’t physically be there to experience it. Whilst our initial focus was on prospective students, especially those that are younger, less confident, rural or remote – I’m excited to consider how this experience will grow and to also best serve current students and alumni alike throughout their individual journeys. 

“I’m immensely proud of our collective mahi and for Method to have contributed to such a purposeful project.”


University of Auckland – Connected Experiences : Stephen Whiteside,  Jason Mangan, John Pye, Elspet Garvey, Jason Tutara, Merril Campbell , Dens Thomas, Andy Abel, Kirstin Martin, Vanessa McQuinlan, Taryn Davies

Creative Director: Sam Ramlu

General Manager: Dom Henshall

Producer: Flavia De Silva

Design Director: Matt Power

Design: Sophie Douglas, Lahiru De Silva, Roshan Nowshad

Development: Matt van der Haas, Preston Thomas, Caitlin Palmer

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