The resurrection of Pacman

Nintendo Wii, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox … meh, these video game consoles are so like, new millennium. There’s nothing like a good solid game of the old-school favourite, Pacman.

As part of the Axis awards which are just around the corner, Eleven \ PR has resurrected Pacman and given it a new twist and name, ‘Paxisman‘.

Its like the old school Pacman, with an Axis twist. All you need to remember are these fine points:

  • Eat dots for points
  • Avoid the Admen
  • Eat ideas to eat Admen
  • Eat the Axis for bonus points

The microsite is now alive and kicking with high scores adding up quickly, with TBWA\WHYBIN in the lead.

The grand prize to the highest scorer is two tickets to the awards and the agency with the most high scores will win the Paxis award on the night.

So get eating those dots, mmm, dots.

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