The future called. It wants its presentation system back

Traditional business presentations are often characterised by slow moving slide shows, unreliable software and cheesy whirling squares. But Christchurch company Orly Productions hopes to change all that with a new, more engaging and extremely user-friendly business presentation platform called iPRES that it has designed to help companies communicate better and sell more.

“With the rapid evolution of media technology, people are used to seeking information in a different way,” says Orly’s managing director Ross Beck. “iPRES puts you in control of the way your information is presented, and enables you to communicate with any audience in an interactive and highly engaging way.”

Designed using a combination of in-house creative and consulting developers (the innovation was also partially funded through the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, which selects and manages the government’s investment in R&D for projects that demonstrate investment returns, technology ‘stretch’ and capability building), iPRES is aimed at the sales, marketing, PR, education and training sectors and is, Beck says, like a combination of the best features of PowerPoint and interactive DVDs – on steroids.

Orly’s core focus during the design process was to provide clients with the ability to create dynamic, tailored presentations using video, text, motion graphics and even real-time 3D animation (iPRES can demonstrate internal moving parts, display products from any angle and change speeds and move in for close-up views) with considerably less work and expertise than it requires to build a standard business slideshow.

“We wanted a business presentation platform that really lets our clients showcase everything they do, using the best possible technology. And iPRES gives them an easy to use, cost effective way to do that . . . Because it’s so easy to use, it saves businesses a significant amount of time.”

He says staff often spend far too much time creating presentations from scratch with other systems. But ease of use is at the heart of what iPRES offers, which means presentations can be created in minutes. Plus, because iPRES is provided on USB, it’s incredibly portable (content can also be updated automatically to USB via the internet and it even has built-in security – up to fingerprint encryption – to protect IP). Users can also produce DVD copies of each presentation to leave behind for clients.

Beck says iPRES also ensures a company can maintain strict control over how their brand is presented”, because designs, logos and branded elements can be locked down, meaning everything presented is consistent and on message. But there is also room to create text and visual elements on the fly.

“I’m often creating and tailoring presentations in the taxi on my way to a meeting,” he says.

iPRES is available under licence from Orly Productions as part of a tailored presentation package. Check out the DVD on the front cover of NZ Marketing magazine for more information or visit the website www.ipres.biz.

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