The Face Place unveils new campaign

Leading cosmedicine clinic The Face Place has launched a new marketing campaign, ‘We Break Stigmas’, including a new website by Powerhouse to herald a new age of consumer education and discernment around injectables and medical-grade skin treatments. 

The cosmedicine industry is well-known for stereotypes, and the campaign aims to correct many of these; from puffy lips to the taboo around sexual wellness treatments.

The creative team brought these ideas to life with imagery focusing on the natural surroundings of Takapuna beach and a diverse range of male and female models aged 30 to 70+. 

Auckland-based specialist digital marketing agency Powerhouse took the brief on the website build for the new look, which aims to set the brand further apart from budget and youth-oriented chains, while speaking to the diversity and discernment of the clientele. 

The full campaign includes POS, website, video and social, with the strategy based on the knowledge that their target customer is more open to injectable treatment, yet increasingly concerned about unnatural results. 

Chief Marketing Officer Mikayla Hopkins says: “We’re challenging and updating what cosmedicine means in 2021. In the past, many people were reluctant to admit they had treatment at all. We want to break the stigma and encourage people to be proud to align with The Face Place – even though we understand that some of them may still prefer to stay discreet about it!” 

Founder Dr Catherine Stone adds: “The cosmedicine industry has been given a bad rap for overblown treatments. These are often the result of staff on commission who don’t have their clients’ best interests at heart. We’ve always challenged that model and will say ‘no’ to a treatment if it won’t look natural. 

“In a nutshell, our new campaign is about cosmedicine with integrity.”

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