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George FM has secured two eccentric TV personalities for its Saturday morning slot. Rhys Darby and TV3’s David Farrier are hosting the Cryptid Factor, 8 –10am. The best descriptions of the show are from the funny men themselves.

Cryptozoologists David Farrier and Rhys DarbyCryptozoologists David Farrier and Rhys Darby

Darby says:

If I ever had the time in my busy Hollywood schedule to listen to radio, this would be the show I would listen to, it’s a show about mystery, adventure, monsters and bollocks. Two of New Zealand’s greatest minds combine to bring you two hours of ‘must watch’ radio. This radio show is about keeping alive the spirit from the golden age of mystery and adventure and gives the public a rare glimpse at my serious side as I discuss things like the migration patterns of Yeti – arguably the most important thing to hit New Zealand radio since Bad Jelly the Witch. And the opportunity to work with David Farrier is … something I have to put up with to do this show.

Farrier continues:

The Cryptid Factor is a show about cryptids – that is, animals unknown to science like the Yeti, Loch Ness monster and the Mongolian Death Worm. It’s an area of obsession for both Rhys and myself and we’re both mutually tickled we’ve met someone else who’s into it. And that a station like George will let us share it with New Zealand. So yeah, we’ll be chatting about the subject in among playing our favourite tunes.

There’s never been a radio show in New Zealand celebrating cryptozoology. This has always stunned me a bit, and when I found Rhys was equally passionate about the issue, planning a new show seemed pretty logical. Of course saying ‘planning’ makes it sound really planned – all we’ve really done is given the show segments various names. We’re a particularly proud of a segment called ‘vocalisations’. This segment will be both sexy and chilling.

We’ll be breaking a few radio rules … we’re having a very visual section about cryptid art. The fact you can’t see pictures on the radio won’t be stopping us. As for music, well, Rhys has just this minute handed me his Daft Punk CD – what could go wrong?!?

Naturally, the show has a Facebook group and is on Twitter #cryptidfactor.

Tune in on Sat and see if these exceedingly watchable men are worth listening to. George FM nationwide frequencies are on the website.

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