The Compendium: 1 November

Funny stuff, weird stuff, and downright stupid stuff from our international Intertubes.

Surely, sureeelyyyy, there could have been an easier way to tell us about this new payment method without throwing a live ass man out of a Cessna aircraft? This is the reason we, as a species, die young. 

As someone who has done ice immersion, I love the message of this NutriBullet ad. Take less intense methods to help your body. Just eat a damn vegetable once in a while, and if you can’t do that, drink one. 

A fantastic series for a Halloween doorbell. I’ve always wanted to be alerted to visitors at my door with the shrill screech of a witch. 

An amazing campaign by Plastic Change. The amount of plastic in our oceans is suffocating, so drawing in attention to such a big problem always gets our vote. 

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