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Today’s consumers are fickle. It’s becoming harder to find loyal customers who won’t jump ship at the sight of a sweeter deal. They demand more for less, and are more willing than ever to shop around rather than sticking with a ‘preferred’ brand or provider. The telco industry knows this better than most. And you can find out how some of the country’s biggest players are dealing with it, differentiating themselves and inspiring customer loyalty and at the MA’s next Knowledge Bites event on Tuesday.  

Technology has been the catalyst for a greater range of competing products and services than we’ve ever seen before. Online shops can be created overnight without the costs associated with store openings, rent or staff hiring and it’s easier than ever for everyday New Zealanders to start up their own business and take on the ingrained market leaders. So the question is, how do marketers gain market share in our ever-changing marketplace, and how do they maintain loyalty from their ever transient consumers? How do you remain relevant in your sector, and what makes you different from your competitors? There are many factors to consider, which will ultimately aid a marketer in their endeavour, such as building and maintaining the reputation of their brand. But what does their brand represent to consumers? Does the approach the brand takes in its actions and voice resonate with consumers, or do these conflict with one another? 

This leads into one of a marketer’s most powerful tools: gaining customer insights and letting them influence your strategy. Your consumer opinion is just as, if not more, important than that of your shareholders. Without consumers, no one wins. Showing your customers that you’re listening and willing to put their thoughts in to action is a sure-fire way of building customer loyalty and trust for your brand.

The New Zealand telecommunications industry is a particularly interesting case of customer loyalty, as the sector has moved from a dominant duopoly to a near free market over the last ten years. And the next Knowledge Bites event presents senior executives from some of the country’s big telcos—Orcon’s Greg MacAlister, Slingshot’s Taryn Hamilton, Telecom’s Jason Paris, 2degrees’ Malcolm Phillipps and Vodafone’s Graham Wright—to talk about their strategies for surviving in this hyper aggressive marketplace. 

When: Tuesday 10 June 2014, 4.00 – 6.00pm

Where: Pullman Hotel, Cnr Princes St and Waterloo Quadrant

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