TBWA’s #togetherwecam a modern example of creative resilience

TBWA had less than 72 hours to rethink an entire campaign for 2degrees following the news that the nation was about to go into Lockdown. The resulting #Togetherwecam campaign which saw national pick up was an example of how quickly and efficiently creatives can adapt to a crisis.

The team at TBWA had spent weeks crafting work for 2degrees, only to have to do a complete 180 when it was announced that our nation would be heading into Lockdown.

Over the course of the weekend before Level 4, the team had to now create a campaign which reflected our new reality, one of isolation but connection only through our devices.

So came to be the #Togetherwecam campaign, which spurred a community encouragement to stay connected.

The campaign showed the incredible effort by the team who worked day and night between planning meetings to ensure the campaign was useful and appropriate and continued to support media partners alongside the nation.

It was initially launched on LinkedIn by 2degrees CEO Mark Aue and then continued until its final instalment which celebrated at the time hitting level 2. 

Shane Bradnick, TBWA’s chief creative officer says, “#togetherwecam evolved over the lockdown to help people realise we were all sharing the same experiences and feeling similar things. Iso and new tech are a tough combination and I think as a nation we’ve done incredibly well to get through.”

Kiwi comedian, Pax Assadi, and the voice of 2degrees, emerged from behind the emojis to become the face of #togetherwecam and an integral part of the team. Filmed in Pax’s living room and remotely directed by TBWA and Assembly, Pax took the nation on an interactive Kiwi lockdown journey. This journey saw him chat to and challenge the Barrett brothers, his folks, get a Covid haircut from his kids and connect with 2degrees’ call centre team.

Pax, top left, getting the typical Covid haircut.

Ben Wheeler, 2degrees chief brand and insight officer says the campaign hit the right tone at a time where it was needed most.

“We think this really hit the right spot with our customers and all Kiwis, to try and encourage that sense of fun in trying times. We know we do broadband and cell phones but what we enable is much more than that. Kiwis have needed us more than ever and we’re chuffed to bring our 100 percent NZ based call centre into the spotlight too.”

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