Tastebuds tapped, refined Kiwi palates sought for new mystery beer

Apparently, if you read those preachy books by internet evangelists, the crowd has great wisdom. If you’ve ever met anyone from ‘the crowd’, you’ll know that’s highly debatable, but there’s no doubt they like having their say these days. And, in the latest incarnation of the burgeoning trend to get consumers to help decide on the product that actually ends up on the shelves, Barnes, Catmur & Friends and the Boundary Road Brewery, a division of Independent Liquor, have set out to find 999 Kiwi beer tasters. 

To gain a position as a Boundary Road Brewery Beer Taster, consumers need to head to www.thechosenone.co.nz, demonstrate a sound knowledge of beer and, as the long-copy print ad that featured in today’s Herald says, prove they have the ability to make up their mind and tick a box. The first 999 to pass the knowledge test will be sent a tasting pack of three variants of Boundary Road Brewery lagers and the most popular brew will be released for sale as The Chosen One on 1 August (an ale, pilsner and ginger beer will also be released, but they will be chosen by someone who presumably knows what they’re on about).

One of the 999 will also win the title of Chairman of the Beer Tasters and will take home a Williamswarn Personal Brewery worth $6,000.

“We want to hear from true Kiwi beer lovers to let us know how they want The Chosen One to taste,” says Ben Shaw, Boundary Road Brewery marketing manager. “It could be they prefer their hops mild, their malt notes medium or they are after a beer to really wow the senses. However they like their brew to be crafted, we want them to decide.”

Applications (only for those over 18, of course) close 30 June.

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