TalkTalk explores the real reality of family life

In today’s media environment, audiences have become conditioned to staged entertainment. Even the best reality TV programmes are set up, which is why this fly-on-the-wall style ad by UK telecoms provider TalkTalk is so refreshing.

To make the ad, TalkTalk installed unmanned cameras into the home of 9 Merwick Street where they remained for two weeks, recording what everyone got up to. The family includes the parents Julie and Paul; their four children, Peter, Harry, Sophie and Lucy; their niece, Daisy; and the family dog, Elvis.

The final 60 second spot has been put together from clips spanning a range of activities and emotions. There is the routine eating of breakfast, a humorous moment the kids discover Elvis’ mess, the tender moment of a cuddle in the kitchen, the crisis of a leaking milk bottle and some tears shed over a TV programme.

By doing this, TalkTalk hopes to show an understanding of its customers by championing “the stuff that matters”.

The spot comes as the telecoms provider rolls out changes that center around putting customer first based on customer research. According to TalkTalk, one of the frustrations came through was about the sector’s increasingly celebrity-driven advertising and customers complained of “loud, eye-catching” ads which failed to reflect how telecoms services have become apart of people’s daily lives. 

Consumer managing director Tristia Harrison said: “Silly gimmicks and shouty ads (with catches hidden in small print) don’t do justice to how much this stuff matters to customers….We’re determined to be the provider that makes things simple, tells the truth and most of all rewards loyalty.”

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