He came, he saw, he got hired: Talent Army harnesses one man’s ‘special skills’ in what could be the world’s strangest recruitment ad (SFW)

Ads for recruitment companies aren’t generally renowned for their creativity and/or offensiveness, but Talent Army is straddling that line with a new video that showcases its talent-spotting abilities by telling the unique tale of one man’s extraordinary ‘timejacking’ skills. 

Created by Wellington-based agency Wrestler (which also recently helped produce TradeMe’s online safety campaign), the video traces the story of Jaden, who possesses the remarkable ability to travel in time thanks to a very personal activity.

Having first discovered his talent during an after-school hook-up, Jaden finds himself magically transported to various time periods throughout history, such as German-occupied France and 1960s war-torn Vietnam. 

As things become increasingly awkward for Jaden in the bedroom, he solicits the help of Talent Army, which recognise his special skills and introduce him to “a secret government agency” that helps him master his abilities and use them to combat crime. It brings a new meaning to ‘shaking hands with the unemployed’! 

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